Baby boom

After writing about Erik and his wife expecting twins I got to thinking about something. Brad’s wife just had a baby, as did Shelby, Natalie is due any day now, my sister-in-law and another good friend are both due next week, Dane and his wife are expecting next month, and Meryl is also expecting next year.

Good grief, some people need a hobby other than procreating. 🙂

Update: Apparently I spoke too soon, my sister-in-law gave birth to a baby girl this morning. Mother and baby, Kaitlyn Marie (ed. note: check on spelling) are doing fine. My parents now have their first granddaughter after six sons of their own and one grandson. Let the spoiling begin!

By the way, I got most of the scanning done last night. Now I’ll try and work over lunch on putting together the new albums and then a page linking them all together. An old friend of mine also did some scanning and came up with some pictures of me from way back in the day. I may have to incorporate some of those over time but for right now, check out my stylin’ 1987 look: (click for larger version)

80's stylin

I wonder whatever happened to that hat? 🙂

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