I was reading an interesting article from InfoWorld this afternoon about the coming Office 12 version. I’m going to remain uneasy about backwards compatibility until I have the chance to see Office 12 in action, despite what others might say about it, but just seeing that other people are aware that most end users don’t care one whit about file formats and aren’t going to be happy with anything but .doc and .xls files makes me glad. At least the concept is on the radar out there. It actually sounds like they might just get this upgrade right. Wouldn’t that be cool?

But the part of the article that had me saying “amen” was this paragraph:

“Heck, ask most frontline IT administrators what they least like to mess with, and the answer is usually Office rather than Windows. OS changes we can make in the background. Do it right and users don’t even notice, ergo no phone calls. Mess with Office, where users live, work, and schedule their racquetball games, and even if you do it right, you’ll get doused with a phone shower, because users hate change.”

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