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I added a yahoo group address that you can subscribe to in order to get the latest postings. I apologize about the ads, but if you’re set to receive in text only it shouldn’t be too bad. Besides they’re at the bottom, you can always ignore them. Like the RSS folks though, please be sure to follow the links and comment, or read other’s comments once in awhile too! Update: I spoke too soon, with normal groups they appear on the bottom but they are right at the top of messages in this group, probably because the message is being generated by Blogger instead of an email. I’ll mess with some settings. Don’t subscribe yet. 🙂

Yeah I know the left-hand margin is getting a litte messy, I’ll clean that up later, promise! I’ll probably drop the NNT tip and maybe make the blogrolling list appear somewhere else. I’ll play over the weekend!

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