Every Day Annoyances

Here’s a couple of online annoyances:

First, I forgot to grab the classified section from Sunday’s Columbus Dispatch on the way to work yesterday. So I wander over to their website, go through the classifieds section, get to the employment section and tell it to show me all the Computer-type jobs from Sunday’s paper. Of the 25 or so jobs that were in the paper, only 5 of them were in the online list. Why bother having your job search stuff online if you’re not going to include all of the stuff that was in the paper?

Item 2: Verizon Wireless sent my wife a direct mail piece, offering her a new service plan. Included on the flyer was the instructions to visit their website for more information on this plan. When you get to their website and go to the page they tell you to go to for this information on this plan, the information consists of a .pdf of the same direct mail piece she already has. How is that “more information”?

It just goes to show, clueless marketing people are still out there and still running too many places.

In other news:

If things continue to be a problem with my current host I might have to think about moving over to Christine’s new enterprise, Blogomania. She’s offering web hosting now, at reasonable prices. The best thing about it, though, is that you’ll be hosted by someone who “gets” blogging and would have some knowledge of how various blogging software needs to interact with the host server. Of course my plan is prepaid so moving would actually cost me even more money, on the other hand they are talking about switching everyone to Linux servers which would kill my asp comments system and my asp stats, so there’d be a whole lot of work for me to do anyway if they do that.

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