The Tweetup that turned into the Discovery Channel

Today, I had the freedom to skip out of work (due to the overtime on Sunday/Monday) and go to the November Columbus  Tweetup – Tour of Ohio Stadium. Despite the cold, there was a pretty good turn out. Probably the fact that there was an OSU-Michigan ticket giveaway helped there, eh?

Anyway, after some socializing, and drawing for the tickets (I didn’t win, though my name was drawn for another one of the giveaways. Alas, that giveaway was being organized by my wife from the Alumni Association, so it wouldn’t have really been fair for me to win it, so I didn’t. This now marks the second time I’ve won a drawing at a Tweetup, and had to give up the award. Last time I won Opera tickets, for a weekend I was going to be out of town, so I gave them away. I expect this will be the last time my name is drawn..*L*), we all got to take a guided tour of Ohio Stadium.

The Ramp

Obviously, walking on the field, and getting a tour of the band rehearsal space from the Assistant Band Director, Jon Waters, were huge highlights and a ton of fun. But the real unexpected “highlight” came in the press box for our little group. While showing us the view from way up there, the hawk that has taken up residence in the upper reaches of the stadium flew by. The guide proceeded to tell us that they had nicknamed it A.J. (get it, A.J. Hawk?) and that at first they didn’t mind it being up there, but that it had gotten a bit aggressive and so they would remove it’s nest whenever they could find it. Obviously, he kept building new ones though, because it was still around and still being rather aggressive.

Just as we were getting ready to leave the area and go down to the field though, our friend decided to turn this into a nature documentary, as he swooped down and plucked a pigeon right out of the air, and proceeded to have lunch in the NW corner of C Deck. Unfortunately, he was quicker than my camera, so I didn’t get any shots of him swooping, and since I hadn’t brought a zoom lens, I couldn’t capture any shots of him way up in C Deck, cleaning his kill. Still, it’s something we’ll all remember for years to come!

You can see my handful of photos from the tour, including us goofing around on the field, here.

Thanks to the folks who organized this great event, the sponsors and the people I got a chance to talk to today. It was great!

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