It’s official!

Last night was, finally, the official beginning of my term as a member of the Friends of the Columbus Library Board of Trustees. (There was a swearing in and everything..) It was an enlightening meeting, in terms of learning about the various ways the Friends work with the library and support the library. It should be an interest experience all the way around. As a member of the Communications committee, my first order of business is going to be getting involved in the formation of a Friends website, apart from the library’s website. Currently there is only a small section of the library’s site that details who the Friends are and what they do. That is going to change dramatically this year. Should be fun to try and develop that site into something informative and timely. Hopefully, over time, we can use it to build a sense of community among the members and increase their involvement in the organization and in the library! I’m glad I’ll be able to be involved right from the beginning and watch it grow!

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