Busy holiday weekend

This is going to be a busy holiday weekend. Not so much because of the holiday, although we will be doing Thanksgiving dinner with my family, but because of all of the projects I have lined up to do! Assuming the UPS delivery date is correct and I get it today, I’ll be installing a brand spanking new Hawking PN9245F DSL/Cable 4-port router at home this weekend. I picked it up over at Computers for Sure for around $100. I also picked up a Compact Flash card (128MB) for the HP digital camera we bought last week for only $65. I’m sure my wife will be playing with that new toy all weekend!

On top of that, my wife just finished up a logo for me, (How cool is it to be married to a graphics/PR geek, when you’re a tech geek?) that I’m going to incorporate into the design of the website and probably try to create an image map navigation system that matches the color pattern. Just one more way to try and make this look as professional as possible before I really start promoting the site to the world.

The other big improvement, I hope, is that I’ll be testing and trying out some comment scripts for the blog. Giving you the opportunity to comment on posts here! I’ve got a few open source scripts out there that I need to play with and see which one works best with both blogger and my site architecture. Not to mention which one gives me the easiest way to customize!

Obviously I’m rather excited as the site becomes a source of pride for me more and more each day. Not to mention the great learning experience it is just to be able to put this together. Hopefully the learning will pay off in a professional way someday.

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