Stupid mobile users

I actually meant to post this earlier in the week, then forgot all about it until tonight. Tuesday night, upon our return to Port Columbus airport, I had to make a quick stop at the men’s room on the way to baggage claim. I no sooner than had stepped inside the doorway of the men’s room when I noticed a bag hanging on a hook just inside the door. Now keep in mind that this bag, obviously, belonged to someone who was at that point using the facilities, which are located around a corner, out of sight of said bag. Now, also understand that this particular bag was a generic, black laptop case. Also keep in mind that as I walked in, I could have very easily grabbed this bag turned around and left the men’s room without anyone seeing or suspecting a thing.

Naturally, my first thought was that if I ever found out one of our attorneys had done this and had a laptop stolen, I’d kill them.

It’s no wonder corporate laptops, with corporate and customer information, get stolen so often. Sheesh, a little common sense people!

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  1. I don’t understand why laptop users in business and government don’t encrypt their drives by default. Truecrypt under Windows and Filevault under OS X makes this transparent to the user.

  2. Stephen,

    Yeah, we wipe our pool laptops everytime they’re returned and I was thinking about maybe using that to automate the process a bit more, thanks for the reminder, I need to see about that!

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