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Linked – If job stress is killing you, it’s time to leave

The quote below reminded me of something I heard mentioned on a podcast interview recently. Unfortunately, I don’t remember which podcast it was, but the gist of it was that if we are seeing so many people leave stable employment to become “life coaches”, maybe we should look at how bad the workplace has become for people.

I think that’s true. This is also true:

“It may sound a bit dramatic, but Jeffery Pfeffer, a Stanford professor and author of “Dying for a Paycheck” (Harper Business), says that toxic workplace practices — micromanagement, fear of layoffs, long or unpredictable working hours and making people feel as if they are not good enough — is the fifth leading cause of death, in front of Alzheimer’s and kidney disease.

“People stay in jobs that are unhealthy for them, which cause stress.,” he says. “That often leads to smoking, drinking, overeating, not sleeping and dying.” Pfeffer’s book is a call to action that companies need to change and that individuals, when they are in workplaces that are overridden with stress, need to quit.”

I’ve worked in quite a number of places, doing a number of different things, and with a lot of people who view their own work as uber-important. Not one of them was worth dying over. Not even close. Not even worth getting a little sick over. It’s a job. It’s not your whole life.

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