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Linked – Discovery: The Trenches Of Litigation

Wait, what? Do you mean to tell me that television shows don’t portray real life?

“The reason I consider discovery “the trenches” of litigation is because outside of attorneys and businesses that regularly are involved in litigation, many people do not think, or necessarily even know, what discovery is or how important it can be. Discovery is not what people who watch Suits expect. In Suits, there is the occasional deposition (which lasts for about two minutes of show time), where one of the main characters asks two or three hard-hitting questions, gets yelled at by the deponent (or vice versa), and that’s the end of it. Discovery is so much more than that.”

Full disclosure, my wife loves that show, and I often watch it for the drama, all the while biting my tongue about the ridiculousness that passes for legal work.

But, that’s not the point of this article. The point, as you should read, is that cases are won and lost based on what you do during discovery, and whether or not you handled that process properly. As someone in the middle of handling the electronic and technical parts of the eDiscovery process, I can completely believe it.

Without the proper data and intelligence, you’re lost.

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