Facebook or MySpace?

I’m sure most of you have read the paper about Class Divisions between users of MySpace and Facebook, or at least you have seen someone blogging about it. I’m not going there.

I was curious to try out Facebook simply because I’ve been reading so many things about the available applications, and how much nicer it is to use than MySpace. So I went, and created a profile. I used some of the applications to publicize my various sites, photos, etc. on my profile. and then, I was done.

I created a MySpace profile way back when because there were some folks I knew IRL who had them, and it was an easy way to interact with them. It wasn’t until much later that I thought about using the profile to highlight my online projects, but eventually I did that, and I continue to go back and interact with my friends, listen to music from bands who I also happen to know and don’t get to follow on the radio.

Once I did a few basic searches on Facebook for potential friends, mostly using the work and school searches, I quickly realized that there doesn’t appear to be anyone on there who I don’t already interact with through the blog or Twitter, so I really don’t have any reason to go back. My presence is there, but there’s nothing for me to really do on the site now.

Yes, it’s got a whole lot of cool applications, and the interface is light-years better than Myspace, but the people I want to interact with are on MySpace, not Facebook.

Of course, maybe that’s just a product of my working-class upbringing. 😉

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