Reading – Ad Blockers Are Being Paid to Let Ads Through

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Gee, this doesn’t seem fairly crappy at all. Use an ad-blocker? Want that company to decide which ads you can see and which you can’t based mostly on who’s willing to pay them and agree to some “policy” that you don’t really get any say in as a user?

That’s not exactly giving the end-user the power that is promised by the installation of an ad-blocker. In fact, it simply makes them a pawn in the larger game of making money in the end.

Also, if you’re a small publisher just trying to get by, now you’re competing with Google and other huge corporations just to make sure your ads get seen in the first place. They can pay out to AdBlock Plus and other vendors to make sure their ads get through the blocks, can you?

Not exactly the internet future we were promised.

Ad Blockers Are Being Paid to Let Ads Through

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