Random Thoughts about GPS

On the way home yesterday, testing out the new Garmin C-330 I got for Christmas, a couple of things occurred to Angela and I.

One, we wondered if our niece, is recently turned 2, would grow up in a world with turn by turn Google Map directions and GPS units and never need to know how to read a map.

Two, there’s a odd balance between the cool factor of having the device tell you exactly where you are, and how to get where you’re going, and the fact that there’s a satellite that knows exactly where you are the whole time.

Three, when Angela’s driving and I’m navigating, having the device tell her where to go instead of me, does not make her less angry. In fact, she found the device to be a bit on the bossy side. 😉

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  1. I love our Garmin GPS. Gave one to my inlaws for Christmas too. The thing I like the most is that it removes the anxiety about missing a turn. No more frustration if you are in a strange area and tempted to do some stupid turn in traffic. Just drive on, let it recalculate and take the next turn. It will get you back to where you need to be.

  2. Common fallacy about GPS, BTW.

    The satellites have no idea where you are. Your device is a receiver only that receives time info from the birds and triangulates that into your position. Of course, your cell phone DOES tell everyone where you are since it can transmit and receive.


  3. Thanks for the correction Douglas! I knew that about the cell phone, but seriously, I forget to turn it on half the time anyway..*L*

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