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Linked – I’m Just a Low-Level Employee. I Don’t Need a Personal Brand

“Don’t over-think the term personal brand. Your personal brand is simply a trendy term for reputation. Of course, today your reputation is primarily affected by your online presence. All of the data shows that HR representatives and recruiters check a candidate’s online presence before making a hiring decision.

So, ask yourself how you’re currently perceived at work and within your industry. How would you like to be seen?”

It’s true, having an online presence can be helpful. It can be hurtful too, especially if you don’t think hiring managers might look for you online and make a decision based on what they find. Wouldn’t it be better to present yourself professionally, knowledgeable, and relevant?

Having a blog could help with that, publishing on LinkedIn could help with that. Having a social media presence that is part of your professional life, can help with that. If you aren’t making an effort to put forth your best, professional, self, than what does Google have to say about you? You might want to know before a hiring manager looks you up.


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