Linked – Demand for secret messaging apps is rising as Trump takes office

““When we talked about the revelations of Snowden, it was hard to convince some folks on the progressive side to care,” said Josh Levy, advocacy director of Access Now, a nonprofit that runs a digital security hotline to counsel activists around the world on how to avoid surveillance. “I would talk to folks about the vulnerability of their data and reliance on large commercial platforms, but because of their trust in the president” — meaning Obama — “they didn’t pay attention to it. I’d say, ‘What if Trump came to have access to that data?’”

See this is a problem, people playing politics with our own basic rights, like privacy. When it’s your side doing it, nobody really seems to care, the second the other side does it, suddenly it’s a problem worth paying attention to. What the NSA has been doing in terms of mass surveillance is either OK with you, or it’s wrong, and you should be concerned about who has access to your digital information.

Doesn’t matter who the President is.

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