ABA Techshow Keynote-Marc Rotenberg Executive Director of EPIC

Interesting Keynote on Internet Privacy. Good discussion about Spitzer, RealID, The wiretap bill, cloud computing, warrantless laptop searches at the border, etc.

I was especially interested in Marc Rotenberg’s take on Google Apps. He’s not a fan. Rightly, he’s concerned about the amount of information Google has about you by having access to your email contents, documents, etc. He’s bothered by advertisements sitting alongside your emails but understands how attractive the ease of use, and lack of cost, that is involved with the services. Also very concerned about Google’s retention of search information.

(Disclosure: I use Gmail, but also understand what I’m giving them and what I’m not. Work email doesn’t go through there.)

Also interesting fact about Full Body Imaging. The device is basically a digital camera, it takes the image that is not filtered at all, but is displayed filtered for the TSA agent. There are concerns about where those original images are being stored, and whether there will be litigation ensuring that TSA doesn’t keep those.

They don’t have any recommendations for privacy tools, there’s a bit of complexity in figuring out how well they really work. Some make claims which are not actually true upon investigation. Somehow, I’m not shocked by that! 🙂

Learn more about EPIC here.

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