CT Summation Vendor Session

I was pretty disappointed in this session. I went in hoping to get some info and a demonstration of Discovery Cracker along with the other Summation products and they pretty much ignored that product. The information on iBlaze 2.9 wasn’t bad, but I was hoping to save myself a trip to their booth for a good look at Discovery Cracker. I’ll try and hit them up this afternoon or early tomorrow and see if they can actually show it to me there.

On the other hand, as with any conference, some of the best information is coming from other attendees, learning about how they work, what tools they use, etc. Thus far I’ve heard good things about Legal Bar, and DiscoveryE, which I’ll need to get some more information on.

It’s also interesting to talk to folks from firms that developed their Lit Support teams from paralegals who had tech knowledge as opposed to IT folks who had to learn the law. It really presents a different way of looking at things, and how work flows. I’ll be thinking more about that as I go forward, that’s for sure.

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