Linked – How Facebook Is Killing Comedy

This is clearly true.

“Facebook has created a centrally designed internet. It’s a lamer, shittier looking internet. It’s just not as cool as an internet that is a big, chaotic space filled with tons of independently operating websites who are able to make a living because they make something cool that people want to see.”

Social media in general has created this situation, but Facebook is especially to blame. On the other hand, we are too.

We are lazy. Intellectually lazy. Instead of trying to follow websites that create things we want, we just log in to Facebook and let our friends and the almighty algorithm tell us what we should like. Sometimes we even share or like things because we want to appear to be the kind of person who likes those things. I can tell you, this has been true for me for at least a couple of years. I get more “likes”, retweets and shares on Facebook than I actually get clicks from those sources. That means that there are a whole bunch of people liking or sharing a link to a post they didn’t bother to read.

Think about that. Instead of finding cool, interesting content being created by independent voices and rewarding those efforts, we’re happy to just like something without being bothered to leave our newsfeed.

For me, I find it funny that people are THAT lazy. But I’m not trying to make a living or any money at all, here. I can afford to simply laugh at it.

For a site trying to make a living, our laziness is a death sentence.

Really, go read the whole story.


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