Blogs and iMacs

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According to Dave :

Another indicator of ’s influence in the world. I couldn’t make my window wide enough to show the huge number of weblogs pointing to the iMac rollout. I’ve never seen any story get that kind of rating from Daypop. doesn’t even appear on the chart.

That would probably be what is considered in the statistics world as a self-determining survey. Since a much higher percentage of technology blogs are written by techno-geeks than average computer users, and since techno-geeks are infamous for always having the newest, coolest stuff and Windows hasn’t been “cool” in years, then by default, bloggers are more likely to use Macs. Besides, we all know in the “blogging world” it’s almost anathema to say anything good about MS, so they only show up on Daypop when there’s a new bug in IE. 🙂

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