Face recognition technology a proven farce

This is important! Read this! Via FactoVision I found a Register story titled Face recognition technology a proven farce . Think about that as US airports and other places rush out to install and use this stuff, the mis-identified terrorist could be you!

OK so I said I was going to procrastinate and not do a blogrolling list, but there it is anyway. Would you believe I put that together as a way to put off writing my addendum to the review of Radio Userland 7.0 ? I had to choose which to procrastinate! I did eventually get that written, and added a handful of links to various sections of the site too. Anyway, the list is far from complete, but I thought I would start out with all of the blogs that have pointed people in my direction. Sort of my own little reward for them. If I missed you somehow and you’ve blogrolled me, please let me know! Now I gotta figure out which blogs are worth recommending, and start adding them. Feel free to give me suggestions, I love suggestions! Heck who am I kidding, I just love comments!

Oh I almost forgot, guess what we got late this afternoon at work? Yup, another failed HDD on a Compaq machine, only this time it was mine! That’s the last one I would want that to happen to, there’s so much extra stuff installed on mine that I’ll have to redo compared to a typical user. It will keep me busy when the new drive shows up though, which is ok, I guess.

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