In the comments to a previous post I mentioned wanting to have a way for my wife to be able to see my calendar, which I normally keep in Outlook on my laptop. I knew I could publish to the web, but since I only want her to see it that would require setting up a password protected area, giving her an account, etc. Basically, more work than it was worth. In my searching I discovered that there are Intellisync programs for Yahoo and AOL that sync your Outlook calendar and contacts with Yahoo! or Aim Screen name services. I tried the AIM one but it seemed to just not post random calendar items for no reason, so I went the Yahoo route. That one synced just fine and lets me only allow Angela to see it, and add items to it, with her Yahoo ID, instead of going to all the trouble of pushing it to my own site. Now she’ll be able to know what my schedule is without me having to always remember to tell her. Over the next few weeks that’s going to be nice, I seem to be accumulating meetings at a record pace, and she’ll be able to go ahead and schedule an event knowing that it’ll show up on my calendar the nexy sync with Outlook.

Anyway, if you’re interested go to your Yahoo! Mail, in the calendar section and click the links for “Sync”. Now the big question is, when is Gmail going to have this too since I use Gmail much more than Yahoo Mail!

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  1. Me and the Mrs. have the same problem. I tried this about 6 months ago and couldn’t get it to work worth a darn. We currently invite each other to our meetings. Guess I need to try Yahoo again.

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