Virus outbreak

There was one bit of disturbing news yesterday that I forgot to blog about. When I came in yesterday, I was greeted by many virus alerts on the fille server. Now, you’ll recall that getting the new version of Symantec Corporate Edition was a bit difficult on that server, so this was really the first weekend that I had it running and scheduled a full scan of all the files. It found 31 files infected with the Wm.Cap.A virus and cleaned them. Now this virus goes back to 1999-2000 when it spread across our network because someone brought in an infected floppy from home, and didn’t bother to keep their def’s updated on their local PC. (One of the reasons I wanted the Corp. edition so badly is to do that automatically!) Now the old version, supposedly, was set to scan the file server files every weekend, and files were scanned on the local machines as they were opened, which leads me to two conclusions:

1. The old version’s scan wasn’t actually scanning everything I thought it was scanning. (The virus was caught and cleaned in many other instances, so it’s not a definitions issue.)

2. No one has opened these files in 3-4 years.

So what I want to know is, why do we still have them? *L*

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