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I was working out of our new remote office today. Our CIO, along with some others, came up with the idea to try and make sure we have IT face-time with the folks in this office at least once a week for the first few months since it’s opening and this week it was my turn to make the 3 hour round-trip drive down there. I don’t mind though, one because I get paid mileage, but more importantly because I happen to think it’s a really good idea. It gives us face time with folks we normally wouldn’t, by being on-site we discover issues that we might not discover waiting for help desk calls (I discovered, and took care of, some myself today.), and it serves as a really nice break. I got a lot of work done, but also got to spend the day in a different place, with different people, doing some different stuff than I do every other day at the office. That ain’t bad!

Plus, thanks to XP’s remote desktop function, I can login to my normal PC from 100 miles away and do everything as if I was sitting right there. Well, except answer the help desk line, but that wasn’t part of my job today. I had bigger fish to fry on-site fixing the stuff we broke with the login script from yesterday. We tested that with Columbus PC’s and no one realized the computers in the new office were without the Fax viewer that the Columbus PC’s have installed. So when a fax came in as a TIF it tried to open in Windows Picture and Fax Viewer, which we broke. I discovered this truth about 5 minutes after I arrived down there, and spent part of the day getting that installed for everyone.

See how having someone down there today turned out to be quite fortuitous?

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  1. I agree totally. I’ve been pushing for something just like this at my firm for sometime now. An in person support call is much better than a voice on the end of a phone call.

    People are much nicer when they realize that we aren’t just robots, but actual people with our own jobs to do too.

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