Busy, busy

I only have today and tomorrow to get any and all work done for the rest of the month, since I’ll be gone. I’m working hard on getting everything caught up. I’m checking and double checking all the logs and machines for signs of impending trouble that I can correct now, instead of waiting for trouble to pop up while I’m 500-1000 miles away. Looks like everything is operating normally, keep your fingers crossed that it stays that way!

Tonight it’s run home and start with packing, checking all my electronic stuff, charging all my devices (Camera batteries, PocketPC, cell phone) and to drop off film from the wedding. Angela’s working late tonight, so I want to get it all done while she’s gone, so I can spend Weds night just spending time with her. 🙂

Anyway, that’s where things are today, and why I’ve been quiet so far!

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