Upgrading Away

Lots of upgrading since last night.

First it was the new version of Twhirl, 0.8 with the additional Friendfeed support. On my Vista desktop last night it had some stability issues after I first installed it and tried connecting to Twitter and Friendfeed at the same time. It crashed a couple of times on me, the windows went away once, and then it suddenyl started working just fine and has since. Go figure.

On the Mac I updated today, and it’s been running pretty well. I haven’t run it with Friendfeed for very long, I’m not sure I like seeing Friendfeed through yet another Twhirl window, as opposed to just in a Firefox tab.

Also today, I spotted a mention that AVG had made the free home version 8 available. This version has added some antispyware features and tools to keep you safe online, like a link scanner that finds dangerous sites from your search results and lets you know before you click on them. That’s an interesting concept, though I haven’t see it in action yet.

I upgraded my Vista VM on the Macbook to version 8. It makes for a nice test environment. One word of advice, the installer says it will uninstall previous versions, but it didn’t work at all for me. I had to go back and uninstall 7.5 then run the install for 8.

I’m going to spend a few days making sure this is stable and runs well before I upgrade my desktop machine to 8.0.

Lastly, tonight I updated VMWare Fusion to the newly release 1.1.2. That seems to have gone smoothly, and my Vista VM is running as well as it always does in Fusion.

So far, so good….

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