Summation Certification Update

Despite the fact that I haven’t even been an SCT for more than 6 months, I was informed today that I will need to re-certify on the new version of iBlaze, 2.9, before August 1 to remain an SCT in good standing.

I’ll have to sign up for an online review session, pay my $200 and take the test in order to re-certify and be able to offer outside training as an SCT. Internally, I can teach whatever I want, they really can’t decide how the firm handles training to their own people, but if want to do any outside training I’ll need to be certified to do that.

Had I known this was coming, I’m not entirely sure I wouldn’t have waited. On the one hand, having to redo it this quickly sucks. On the other, we’re not even using 2.9 yet, and may not be for a little while, so I don’t know if that would have been ideal for me when it came to training internally.

Any way you look at it, I’ll be working on this over the Summer. Waiting until after August 1 means having to go out to the 3 day workshop again and paying for the certification all over from the beginning. That’s not a wise choice!

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