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Naturally when I arrived in the office this morning, my own website was down, email servers and everything. Not a good way to start the day, but about 30 minutes later it seems to be back in working order again. Whew!

I did, yesterday, get the old comments exported from YACCS and after some clean up to make them compatible with aspcomments and a minor catastrophe with the blog template when I was inserting the new code, that’s all working over on the Child Abuse blog now. (At least I think it is, please let me know if it’s not!!) I’ve got TableEditor connected up to both comments databases and that infrastructure is all set and ready to go! The next infrastructure project is going to be taking the older photo pages and turning those into web albums and getting them all moved over to this site instead of the Geocities site. I’ll be going through old photo albums to see about maybe adding some pics to those web-albums as well, so that’ll be time consuming, but worth it! I’m hoping to have most of that done this weekend, depending on the amount of time I have between some social events.

Lastly, I realize that I never did a real write up of the ITEC event here in Columbus this week, here’s a condensed version. Trade show floor was disappointing. No one really had any new tech stuff to show off, the floor was dominated by training/educational interests, not manufacturers of new technology. The seminars ranged from pretty decent to almost worthless. I especially liked the joint presentation by the CIO’s of the City of Columbus, the State of Ohio and Ohio State University on egovernment, and what each is doing to create new tech, encourage technical development and bridge the digital divide. It was interesting stuff actually. Also good was the Columbus Chamber of Commerce’s seminar on using Community Resources to start your own IT business and Franklin University seminar about Database driven websites, although it would have had to have been more in depth to really teach me anything, it was good for the beginner to that sort of site. The seminar on IT Project Management was useless, it was too general to be of any real use and seemed much more of an advertisement for the PM classes than anything else.

The network security seminars were fun, as always, although after spending all of last year knee deep in security policy research and writing, I just didn’t have the same level of interest in that any longer. Call it burn out if you will. πŸ™‚

In the end it really wasn’t good enough to spend the two entire days at, I could have gotten my fill in one, but I’ll never argue with being out of the office for two. πŸ™‚

Lastly, on the way out on day two, Angela pointed out the sign that said not to miss the upcoming Cincinnati ITEC on Nov 9, 20002. (Really it said exactly that!) You’ve only got 18,000 years to get ready for it, start planning now! *L*

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