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Evernote Impressions

Some of you probably know by now, that I’m a sucker for note taking applications that help me be more organized. I often say, if it’s not on my to-do list or calendar, it may as well not even exist. (Case in point, this weekend I had planned to catch up on the John Adams series that is sitting on the DVR, but as I went through the list of things I needed to do last weekend, that wasn’t on it, and I forgot to watch them.)

Anyhow, my current note-taking organization method involves two tools, OneNote and Google Notebook. I love OneNote, but since I currently use 4 or 5 different computers during the course of any given day, let’s face it, the really current to-do lists need to be online, hence the reason they are on Google Notebook. Of course, for more in-depth stuff, notes I don’t particularly want to share with the Google machine, or information I absolutely need to have during times I may not be able to get online, OneNote works just great.

Now comes the new version of Evernote. I took advantage of the  offer on giveaway of the day last week to grab a copy of the Mac beta for my laptop, and this was really the first time I got a look at the web client. I currently use the old, free version of Evernote at work for some specific things, like using a time tracker to jot down time that I need to bill without opening up our billing system to enter it completely or keeping track of work info that I really don’t want to put online, even in a private notebook, so I am somewhat familiar with the Windows version, albeit in an earlier form.

Might this be the answer to the vexing conundrum of having information available from any computer, and also when I’m offline? It might just be, at least until Google gets their Gears hooked up to Notebook, which to my mind should have happened already, shouldn’t it?

I haven’t even begun to test out Evernote on the Mac, but when I do, I’ll be sure to let you all know if the trial brings about any change in my current organization routine. It’s certainly possible!

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