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Linked – Technical Difficulties: What to Do When Gadgets Fail in Court

Well this is no fun.

Don’t Swear or Panic

Losing your cool is never a good idea. And while technological snafus can bring out the worst language known to man, you know that the First Amendment does not trump courtroom decorum.

No seriously, the article does provide some decent advice, especially about having a backup plan. I like to go to court with two of everything, because something may break, and usually it’ll be something you hadn’t ever considered, like the bulb on a projector.

So while I don’t normally suggest that it’s good for your mental health to always assume the worst, I might make an exception here. Assume the worst, and have a plan for how you’re going to deal with it, because you don’t want to appear anything less than technically proficient in front of a jury.


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