Linked: AirPods Are a Survival Tool for Open-Plan Offices

I haven’t reached this level, but that’s probably because my Bluetooth headphones are actual headphones, not earbuds, but I can see the appeal.

“Unlike their tethered forebears, Bluetooth wireless headphones are convenient because they allow workers to forget they’re wearing a device and to leave their desk without yanking their laptop onto the floor. In open offices, people commonly wander around with their headphones on all day, into bathrooms and kitchens, sometimes listening to nothing at all in order to avoid the constant distraction of compulsory social interaction.”

Stop and think about this for a minute. In the attempt to get employees to “collaborate” more, management has instead pushed them to desire wearing earbuds all freaking day long to avoid even mildly interacting with their coworkers. Talk about having a plan backfire.

If you’re one of us open office workers, how often do you resort to this method? Or, did your office already forbid earbuds too?


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