Watch How You Treat Everyone

If you don’t treat everyone well just because it’s the right thing to do, maybe this story from Inc. will motivate you?

“I felt bad for them,” he said. “They tried hard to do a good job, and everyone blew them off. How bad would that feel? So it was the least I could do.

“Maybe my staff thought they were too busy,” he continued. “Or maybe they thought they were too important. But maybe they are too self-absorbed to notice they hurt other people’s feelings.”

He thought for a few seconds. “And maybe they’re the wrong people for the job, ” he said.*


* Six months later, only three of the original 22 remained.

Look, it’s simple. You are either the kind of person who notices what other people do, values it, and notices all of the details, or you aren’t. Which one makes a better executive?

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