Linked – Hackers selling access to law firm secrets on dark web sites

This was only one US law firm that criminals claimed to be able to access:

“Q6 Cyber, a cybersecurity firm that specializes in monitoring the dark web, showed CNBC a forum post in Russian where the cybercriminal was offering access to a New York City law firm’s network and files, and was willing to send screenshots as evidence he had broken in.”

It’s inevitable. Eventually, a firm is going to get hacked like this. It’s going to be public news, and they will be no more. Law firms have so much confidential information about their clients, that being found not protecting that data will end a firm.

It’s already happened in Panama.

That, of course, ended because the dirty laundry of their clients got a public airing out. What happens if hackers can manipulate the financial markets with insider information? And what happens to the firm they used to gain access to that information?

It’s really dangerous out there people.


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