Pulitzer Prize Winning Photos

This afternoon the wife and I went to the Ohio Historical Society’s main facility here in Columbus to see the Capture the Moment: The Pulitzer Prize Photographs exhibit.

If you’re in Columbus between now and July 25, I’d highly recommend making an effort to get there. It was quite an impressive collection of photos. The one thing that was interesting, and we even heard other people commenting on it, when you see them all together like this, you begin to see a real pattern of what kinds of photos are considered deserving of the Pulitzer, and they mostly (with a few exceptions) deal with the darker sides of human existence, war, hunger, natural disaster, tragedy, etc.

On the one hand, that was slightly disconcerting. On the other, as Angela pointed out, it may just be that photos of the more joyful, happy moments are more common, and thus don’t stand out as shockingly. There’s probably some truth to that.

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