College Game Day

Since Angela was working a pre-game event on campus today, and had asked me to come and maybe take some photos during the event, and since the event didn’t occur until after the College Game Day show ended, I took advantage of the opportunity to check out the crowd for College Game Day. I got a chance to take a ton of photos, since I spent about 5 hours on campus prior to the kick-off of the Ohio State-Penn State game today.

Game Day crowd

The atmosphere during the Game Day broadcast is awesome. The crowd is funny, spirited and it’s just a good time all the way around. Of course, since they were in Columbus , Kirk got to have his kids on the set.

Wave goodbye

Once that was done, I got to hang out with my wife, as well as Archie Griffin, Brutus Buckeye, the OSU Cheerleaders and other various fans and alums of Ohio State. I even got some free food. A small price to pay for taking some photos for the event. 🙂

You can see more of the pictures I got at both the Game Day broadcast, and the Buckeye Bash event at Flickr.

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