More informed because of Twitter

At lunch today, a friend asked me how I found out about all the various activities going on around Columbus. She mentioned that I had talked about going to a couple of things that she didn’t even know about.

After a moment to think about where I had heard about them, it struck me that I was more “in the loop”, if you will, about local events because of the very strong and active Columbus  Twitter community.

Take a look at the tracking page that someone put together for Columbus  Twits, you’ll see a bunch of local media folks, people from the various museums and theaters, some convention and visitor’s bureau folks, and just a wide variety of people who are out and about town talking about upcoming activities. You can’t help but know more about what’s going on around town if you start following some of these folks.

Of course, after mentioning I was learning about events on Twitter, I had to then explain what the heck Twitter is, which I probably did a horrible job of. I followed up with a link to Twitter in Plain English, to help correct my poor explanation.

We’ll see if she becomes the next Columbus  Twit. 🙂

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