It’s not just me…

Thanks to a link from Scoble’s linkblog, I saw this morning that I’m not the only one who only decided to download Skype so they could do a podcast interview!

Speaking of podcasts, I’m going to be listening to a few new ones as a way to multi-task. See, I’m busy setting up new systems, or re-setting old systems for new purposes at work, and probably will be for days. It’s mind-numbing work that doesn’t require much thought, I just go down the list of documented “stuff” and do it. But it also ties up my monitor, unless I want to try and put two monitors on my desk, which isn’t fun. (Yeah, yeah, KVM and all that, I’ll be done with this stuff by the time I convince anyone to spend the money!) But, I’ve discovered I can very easily listen to podcasts while I work, because there’s no monitor required once I’ve started the media file. So I’ll be checking out some recommendations, and I’ll check out the newly announced Chris Pirillo Show as well when that starts. Who knows, maybe I’ll get hooked on more than the 2-3 that I am now and have to start using my PocketPC to listen more often!

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