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One of the new things I’m going to be getting into this year is an involvement with a non-profit organization called Friends of the Columbus Library. They do a lot of fundraising and volunteer coordination for the Columbus Metro Library System and their Board this year has been looking for more direct involvement with people who can help steer their use of technology. Tonight was supposed to be the Board Meeting where I, and some others, were to be officially elected to the Board of Trustees, but a death in the family of the Board President caused that meeting to be canceled. So I’ll have to wait until next month to learn more about what, exactly, I’ll be involved with and to have more to say about that.

As it turns out though, not having to attend that meeting tonight turned out to be ok, since there’s been a death in our family as well. Angela’s grandfather passed away last night, and we are booked on a early morning flight down to Louisiana tomorrow, so it looks like we’ll be offline and otherwise occupied for the next few days. I’ll catch up with the online world again starting Monday.

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