Excuse the mess

See Andy’s post here. More details on aspcomments handling of 18 digit blog id’s. I’m going to be messing with the comments for a few, switching the field to text from long integer, you might not want to leave any comments for the moment. 🙂

Update 1: Andy’s permalinks don’t seem to be working, look for the second post under the date May 20 on the homepage for now. (Ugh, blogger!!!!)

Update 2: Comments are back, I created a test blog on the new blogger version to use to figure out what to do with the comments, since switching the blogid field to text did not work, at all. I assume I need to switch it to text and change something in the ASP code to accommodate the change, since it gives me an HTTP 500 error. But my limited ASP skills will have me searching for that one for awhile. (Double ugh blogger!!!!)

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