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John Hiler says:

This is the dark side of blogging: the emphasis it puts on our egos. If I write something and someone else blogs it on their site… well all of a sudden, I feel validated and great about myself. Same thing goes with press mentions: you read a few articles that mention you by name, and you start feeling like you really are all that.

But it cuts both ways and is self-regulating. Start acting like an arrogant asswipe on your blog and people will blog that too, and then you won’t feel so good about yourself! (link lifted from Corante)

FCC To Let Carriers Share Customer Data. I’m sure you’ve seen this story by now, about how the telephone companies can share your personal information, including your telephone usage to basically anyone. (OK they need to adhere to a “associated company” limitation, but that’s overly broad and unenforceable.) Now that companies are selling your information and doing everything they can to profile you, in order to promote their products to you better, I can’t wait for the day when advertising overkill sets in. You know, when we’ve been subjected to so much advertising everywhere, everyday, that it no longer has any effect? Won’t the implosion of the advertising business be an awesome spectacle? It’s going to rival the coming implosions of the record companies, broadcast, Hollywood, and politics as we currently know it. I just hope I’m alive long enough to see what comes of these businesses when they are forced to pick up the pieces and adjust to the changing realities.

See also How To Earn The Trust Of A Skeptical Consumer:

The average person is assaulted with a barrage of 577 new marketing messages per week.

Statistics indicate that we retain less than 1% of the marketing messages we encounter.

Closing in on zero retention! (link lifted from Dane Carlson)

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