Low-key OneNote?

I was just reading through one of the tech newsletters we get from ASAE today, and I noticed this tidbit:

“Microsoft has quietly released a program that seems to have escaped much mainstream interest. Called OneNote, this intriguing software gives you a flexible place to save and catalog unstructured information. And, once it is saved, OneNote lets you find it again, quickly and easily.”

Now, couple this with the fact that I know of at least one organization who’s IT people didn’t know anything about OneNote and I’m beginning to think MS has done a really poor job of marketing here. OneNote is one of the best things Microsoft has done lately. It has absolutely changed the way I keep information organized. It has changed the way I work every day. But there are still lots of people who’ve never heard of it. Maybe the fact that it is not bundled with Office in any way keeps it off the radar screen for people. Maybe there should be an Office version that comes with OneNote. Maybe I should stop now before I start sounding too much like Scoble? 🙂

Although I would be interested to hear what a Microsoft marketing person thinks about whether OneNote was given short-shrift in terms of marketing and if so, why?

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