One last omen

I forgot to mention the other omen that this is going to be a real good week. Later yesterday, after I posted that stuff, I discovered that someone had thrown a rock and broken one of the windows on the second floor of our office building. The window is in an empty office so no one noticed it until I went in looking for a spare mouse. Let’s see, next week we have a highly publicized, internationally known speaker giving the keynote at our annual meeting, and this week we have someone throwing rocks at our building? I hope the events aren’t related…

And no, I’m not going to tell you who the speaker is, that would give away where I work! Besides I won’t be getting to meet him or listen to him speak, since I’ll be transporting equipment and materials from the area of the keynote to the area for the reception or back to our office. (I get to do all the heavy lifting while everyone else gets to listen to the speech and then attend the reception. Don’t feel sorry, I volunteered in exchange for a half day off!!!)

The only real downside to the whole process for me is that while Angela is off visiting her folks over the long holiday weekend, I have to stay in town and be on call because there will be people in the office over the weekend. I guess it could be worse, I could be them and have to actually work instead of just being on call. *L*

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