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Quick Thought – What Does Your Organization Celebrate?

Recently I was logged in to a webinar and one of the presenters starting talking about his company’s long history of going above and beyond. Things like driving all night with hardware in the trunk of their car, or the countless all-nighters people have pulled to write scripts or deal with ridiculous deadlines and tough questions. Basically bragging about how dedicated they were to the work, with no thought as to to long term effects constantly working like this might have on their employees.

It left me feeling uneasy, and sadly it wasn’t until much later that a thought occurred to me. Just once, I would love someone to follow up that sort of brag with this question:

“Why is your company unable to learn how to work more effectively and avoid repeating these same mistakes?”

Just once.

Because I don’t think we should be celebrating an industry where poor planning and the lack of proper resources is just the way we do business. It doesn’t have to be. These stories should be the exceptions, not the rules, and certainly shouldn’t be something we’re proud of.


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