My wife is obviously on me to get some pics up but between being on dialup and using a laptop that doesn’t quite have the right video settings yet, they may have to wait, sorry! I hope this one will appease her. This was taken Monday from Dillon Marina on Lake Dillon. My friend Steve works for the city of Dillon, he gets to look at this all day long while he works.

Turns out that the VP has a bad hard drive that needs to be replaced, but you want to know the cool part about it? Because of some preplanning and my love of gadgets, I was able to make the call for the replacement part to HP support while I was waiting for my car to get a quick oil change. I have the number saved on my cell phone and all the serial numbers for our PC’s saved on my PocketPC. So I didn’t have to waste a single minute of my vacation sightseeing time to get it done!

On the downer front though, I just now realized that I took 2 whole rolls of film with the Minolta set to the wrong film speed. Guess it’s a good thing I’ve taken 229 digital pics too! We’ll see what happens with the film. Oh well, it’s a tough learning experience. 🙂

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