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My Axim’s backup battery seems to be bad. I’ve left the Axim charging since I got into the office this morning and the battery stayed at 30%. I then took out the backup battery, wiped it down, as per the FAQ on Dell’s support site, and stuck it back in. Then it said 50% right away, but never charged any more past that. I may need to get a new one, eh?

I got a text “message” earlier on my cell phone from the cell phone company marketing a new product they have out. I’ve never actually used the text feature of my phone so it was quite the surprise to get a text message. (I barely ever use the phone features of my phone let alone other features…) Here’s my question. Will they charge me for receiving a text message that they sent? Not that I’m anywhere near whatever the limit is, but let’s say I was…

I spent a good five minutes trying to troubleshoot the modem on my laptop at lunch time today before I figured out that I forgot to plug the phone line into it. Maybe I should just go home before I break something… ๐Ÿ™‚

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