Sam’s Club

The wife and I were tripping through one of the local Sam’s Club’s last night, and as usual, I decided to skip over to the computer area and see what they had going on. (Especially in light of the fact that a certain holiday is coming up and I need to start looking for gift suggestions for folks to get me.) I noticed that they had a few items where you pick up the little piece of paper with the product id, description and price on it and take it to the check out and then they’ll go get the actual merchandise for you. Except there was one item where they were out of little tags and so I wasn’t even sure how much the item was, although my theory that they were out of tags because the item was very well-priced compared to normal pricing was borne out when I took a look at their website this morning. How about a Western Digital 120GB USB 2.0 external HD for $179.83. Considering that the last time I went looking for this type of an item I spotted a 40GB for around $150, this doesn’t seem like a bad deal at all.

Update: Oh yeah, my wife’s comment reminds me about the other odd thing at Sam’s, but since it didn’t involve any technology, I completely forgot about it! She, being a complete sucker for all things Christmas, decided that we needed to stroll through the display of Christmasy-type stuff. As we strolled through we came upon a very nice manger scene complete with all the characters from said scene, Joseph, the wise men, the animals, Mary holding the…

Wha??!? Mary holding nothing? Someone stole the baby Jesus from the manger scene!

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