New Toys!

Well Blogger Pro is working for me now. Can’t wait to do some playing with it! Perhaps I’ll even setup a mail list so you can get my new posts emailed to you or something. I like the item title option as well. Now I can give some posts I need the spellcheck! I do like the automatic ping, but I think it should almost be a default option of even the free one’s. I like the ability to write drafts, that don’t show up on the website until I’m completely done editing them. That might actually keep me from “Doing a Dave”, and the ability to make a post in the future. That can actually make it possible for me to post while traveling, giving you fresh content, even though it really isn’t fresh. Of course with my laptop and digital camera, any trips I take will be dutifully covered in detail!

The 8,000 Pyrad impressions that are the special bonus for signing up early might come in handy too. Maybe it’ll pull in a few more readers. I can’t wait for the rss feed to be introduced, so folks can actually subscribe to the feed using Radio or some other rss aggregator. That and the e-mail list will probably make my hit counters be somewhat inaccurate, but hopefully enough of those folks will come back into the site to leave comments that I’ll know they’re out there. I live for feedback, have I told you that?

So what do you think about setting up a yahoo group to get the latest posts directly in your e-mail? I may not be big enough for that yet, but I have big dreams! 🙂

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