Welcome back, finally!

Well the website for That Hosting Company isn’t back, but they did start sending out emails with new account info to their customers, so that’s a good sign! There’s still no information about what took so long or who they supposedly merged with, so I’m still glad I left, rather than try to deal with that. But, I’m happy for the folks who have been waiting for this. I’m also happy that I won’t have to follow through on my promise to create a message board for their customers to contact one another and figure out what to do next. That’s less work for me, always a good thing. Perhaps someday, when we have a larger audience there will be cause for message boards, but not yet.

Now I’ve just got to make sure they actually cancel my account…

And what’s with Daypop being all screwy today too? Is there nothing we can depend on out here anymore!

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