Firefox patch

JR did a nice job of describing how easy it was to install the security patch for Firefox, so I won’t try and repeat what he said, but I do have some additional comments.

This is exciting. This is the way a browser should update. This changes a lot for Firefox. I don’t know how many typical, non-techie end users you deal with, but I have an office building full of them that I deal with everyday. Even if I could get them to try out Firefox, the uninstall-reinstall in place, and then reinstall all of your extensions procedure that was required before with Mozilla products was never going to happen. I knew that even before I suggested that any one try it, and that one little fact kept me from suggesting it too strongly. For all it’s many faults, if they use IE, they can just run a patch and restart when I issue the directive. There wasn’t any uninstalling involved. Now, if Firefox can actually get updates automatically, and signal the user to run them in place, and install them without even having to restart the browser, well what can I say? Impressive…

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