War pigs

Why War Pigs? Because that’s the song that’s been stuck in my head since about 3AM yesterday morning. It was planted there by our neighbors, who normally we hardly ever hear a peep out of and are really nice guys. I’m guessing they celebrated the New Year a little harder than usual and for some reason felt like 3AM was a good time to play the Black Sabbath version of War Pigs and sing along, loudly. At least I think it was the Black Sabbath version, with them singing (and I use the term singing in an extremely loose way here..) it was kinda hard to tell for sure.

I should probably go find the lyrics online. If it’s going to be stuck in my head at least I should try and remember what the actual lyrics are instead of repeating the two lines I remember from Middle School, when I had every Sabbath song memorized… (Mob Rules? N.I.B.? Anyone?)

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