Back in the saddle

Back at work this morning. Chicago was great, it was a wonderful anniversary weekend for us. Thanks to all who wished us a happy anniversary, we enjoyed exploring Chicago together and we enjoyed getting to spend some time with an old High-School friend of Angela’s while we were in town as well. (Hi Amy!) Pictures will be coming, we arrived home after 11PM last night, and didn’t even unpack before heading to bed, so it may take us a day or two to get caught up with day-to-day life again!

Don’t have much time to write anything else, I believe that laptop that we sent out for repairs last week was just delivered back to us downstairs. Got to go see if it’s working or not! More later…

Later: Yes it does work, although they claim that after doing some “initial maintenance procedures” the laptop passed all diagnostics and was working fine again. I wonder what those “intial” procedures were? Probably just opening it up and cleaning it, maybe updating the BIOS?

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